Meet Officer Thomas Duck


Meet Officer Thomas Duck.This month marks his 13th year anniversary working with the Leake County Correctional Facility. But it didn’t start here. He was born in Amite county, joined the marines in 1964, at age 17, then served 4 years and 6 months in active duty. He spent 31 months on the ground in Vietnam. After that, 31 years 11 months and 6 days were spent working at St. Francisville Paper Mill. He’s got a good memory.

2007 brought him to Leake County, where he began working at the Leake County Correctional Facility. The date was September 26th. He started out as an officer who took county state inmate workers out on detail picking up trash along county roads. Now, he is a transport officer.

He is also married, has two boys, one girl, and raised 3 step-grandchildren. This past week he turned 74, and said “I have no plans of retirement.”

By the way, when he has no transports, you might just find him installing the 911 signs furnished by Leake County Sheriff Atkinson’s Triad for Senior Citizens.

photo credit Captain Alisa Bradley