Miss. Child Dies From COVID; One More Death in Central Mississippi


PHILADELPHIA, Miss.–A Mississippi child has died from COVID complications, said state epidemiologist Dr. Paul Byers, at a Wednesday update. Byers did not say where the child was from, but said the child was under the age of five.

The child is the sixth person under 18 in Mississippi to die from the virus.

“Unfortunately some children who are infected with COVID will have some more severe complications that will require more intensive care,” said Byers, “although the vast majority of children do recover.”

Byers said that even though hospitalizations may be showing signs of levelling off, the pandemic is far from over.

“Guys, it’s still bad. We’re still seeing a lot of patients that are in the hospital at any one particular time.”

Another 3,385 new cases of COVID were reported over the past day, with 22 more deaths, including one person in central Mississippi, from Neshoba County.