Mississippi Highway Patrol Labor Day Travel Enforcement Continues Today

Mississippi Highway Patrol Labor Day Travel Enforcement Period continues today. The MHP 2020 enforcement period began on Friday and ends tonight at midnight. “The MHP said in an effort to enforce traffic laws and reduce traffic crashes, MHP is participating in Operation Crash Awareness and Reduction Effort. As part of Operation C.A.R.E., all available troupers will be assigned to saturation patrols to combat speeding and distracted driving issues. Bad decisions regarding impaired driving can result in serious consequences. Loss of employment, legal fees, and possible jail time can take huge tolls on families.”
Safety checkpoints are in place throughout the holiday period and are focusing on removing impaired drivers and promoting seatbelt usage.
***During the 2019 Labor Day enforcement period, MHP investigated 131 crashes including 3 fatalities, and made 216 D.U.I. arrests.