Mississippi Lawmakers: Afghanistan Fall is a “Failure”, “Betrayal”


WASHINGTON–Some people have compared America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan to the fall of Saigon. Two Mississippi Republicans called the scene in the country’s capital city a “failure” and a “cowardly betrayal”.

“What has happened in Afghanistan is a complete failure that rest solely on the shoulders of the Biden/Harris Administration,” said Rep. Michael Guest, on Twitter. He represents Neshoba County and east Mississippi.

“The United States must not recognize any government that is led by the Taliban. Please continue to pray for our friends and allies in Afghanistan,” he said.

Sen. Roger Wicker expressed similar sentiments.

“What we are seeing unfold in Afghanistan amounts to the most shameful and cowardly betrayal of friends by an American president in my memory<‘ he said in a statement Sunday night.

“President Biden’s ill-advised and clumsy withdrawal has done irreparable damage to our international standing and therefore to our American security. This self-inflicted humiliation is a disaster for Afghan families and will have long-term ramifications for American leadership in the world.”

Rep. Bennie Thompson, a Democrat, who represents Attala, Leake and Holmes counties, and the Delta in DC, had not commented on the withdrawal or the ensuing takeover by the Taliban, either in a Tweet or via his website.