Mississippi Power Company Seeks to Build $7.8 Million Solar Facility in Walnut Grove


Mississippi Power Company has filed with the Mississippi Public Service Commission to construct a new facility in Walnut Grove. According to the Walnut Grove official FB page, the goal is to construct and operate a new solar electric generating system and battery energy storage system in the area.The facility will generate clean carbon free energy for Mississippi Power Customers and is also set to have battery storage capacity which will possibly provide a future micro electric grid for the Walnut Grove area.

The project could possibly entail a $7.8 million dollar investment to the area upon completion which is expected by end of 2021.

We reached out to Walnut Grove Mayor Brian Gomillion for comment and he said the following. “We are appreciative of Mississippi Power for selecting Walnut Grove for this project not only for the significant investment but also for the enhanced electric service reliability once the facility is operational.”

Gomillion had also stated that he had spoken with Central District MPSC Brent Bailey who expressed great enthusiasm for the project in his district and home county and is a long time advocate for the use of renewable energy.