Mississippi State Student’s Find Making Music Videos “Smooth Sailing” Thanks To MSU’s Chris Misun! (Audio)


 Chris Misun B-MO in the MO’rning – The 2021 Mississippi Songwriter of the Year Brandon Green turned a lot of heads at this years big event and is doing it all over again. Boswell Media teamed up with the staff and students of the Mississippi State Department of Communication that produced a video for his winning single “Float!” Under the direction of Chris Musin and the approval and support of Department Head Dr. Terry Likes, a class was created specifically for the creation of the music video. 

Chris Musin joined B-MO in the MO’rning to discuss the process and the students involved. For more information on the department visit their website here. To check out the music video, visit the Boswell Media Youtube page here 






Chris Misun explains the process and importance of pre-production for a video shoot


With the video being shot in November in a colder climate, Chris explains the process of making the video look warner than it was


Chris explains the different visions the students had for the video itself and how Brandon Green made his decision as to the direction of the video