More Coronavirus Cases Reported Over the Weekend, ICU Usage Lower


PHILADELPHIA, Miss.–Coronavirus cases have slowed in Mississippi to below 1,000 per day for the past several days, with under 900 cases reported Friday and 1,561, reported by the Miss. State Dept. of Health over the weekend.

Of the 42 deaths reported over the weekend, only one was in our area, in Kemper County.

“Great news on the hospital front – COVID ICU patients declining,” Tweeted Dr. Thomas Dobbs, state health officer.

But, his Tweets are usually tempered with a warning and this one was no different.

“Still substantial numbers of new admissions and more personal tragedy to come. Plan A: Get the vaccine Plan B: Monoclonals (we have adequate supplies),” he said.

One month ago the number of people using ICU beds in the state was over 900. As of Sunday, that number was 686, according to health department data.