Multiple Felony DUIs, and More, in Attala and Leake Arrests


MARCUS LINDSEY, 33, of Pickens, Public Drunk, Disorderly Conduct, CPD.  Bond $239.25, $339.25.


CYNTHIA L MANUS, 40, of Sebastopol, Conspiracy to Commit a Crime, LCSO.  Bond $2,500.


BILLY W MCMILLAN, 35, of Philadelphia, Felony DUI, No License, No Insurance, Seatbelt Violation, Bench Warrant, LCSO.  Bond $5,000, $500, $500, $500, $0.


VERNON MELTON, 30, of Sallis, Hold – Detainer for MDOC, MDOC.  Bond N/A.


MICHAEL W MONK, 39, of Lena, Disorderly Conduct – Disturbing the Peace, LCSO.  Bond $1,000.


SHAE RAYMOND, 28, of Kosciusko, DUI – 1st Offense, LCSO.  Bond $1,000.


DERRICA SUMMERS, 24, of Walnut Grove, Disorderly Conduct – Disturbance in a Public Place, Hold for Other Agency X 3, WGPD.  Bond N/A, N/A X 3.


DETRIC L SUMMERS, 23, of Carthage, DUI – 1st Offense, No License, No Tag, No Insurance, Possession of Marijuana, CPD.  Bond $1,331, $$478, $418, $218, $674.25.


BRUCE F THRASHER, 65, of Forest, DUI – Other Substance, Failure to Give Signal, LCSO.  Bond $1,000, $500.


BRITTANY N TRUELOVE, 30, of Kosciusko, Felony Possession of a Controlled Substance, Possession of Marijuana, ACSO.  Bond $5,000, $1,000.


DAVID W VEAZEY, 57, of Carthage, Public Drunk, LCSO.  Bond $500.


SYLVESTER WASHINGTON, 26, of Carthage, Bench Warrant, LCSO.  Bond N/A.


BRYAN K WILDER, 28, of Carthage, Felony DUI, Careless Driving, Failure to Yield to Blue Lights, No Insurance, LCSO.  Bond $5,000, $250, $500, $500.