NCES Principal Tiffany Plott Loves Her Kids and Her Job!


(Brian Montgomery) It’s the first day of school and NCES Principal Tiffany Plott is excited about both another school year and the chance to see her “kids” today, over a thousand of them. “I always look forward to the first day of school because I know I’ll get to see our returning students, possibly their brothers and sisters who attended NCES earlier and their parents” Principal Plott said in a conversation with B-MO this morning.

“It’s always an emotional day for the kindergarten parents, but we want to let them and all of our parents know that we promise to take good care of them all school year long. We have staff helping and welcoming our students back and there’s a staff member every 15 feet so we keep an eye out for all our kids.”

There’s a lot going on not only at the Elementary, but the Middle School and High School alike and Principal Plotts, as well as School Resource Officer Chris Strickland remind all parents to arrive as early as possible and be aware of the pickup policy as well as the drop off. A complete listing of frequently asked questions is available on the Neshoba County School District Facebook page which is available by clicking here.

Principal Plott reminds parents that you may escort your child on the first two days of school to their classroom in order to get them acclimated to their classroom on both today and Monday, but after that there will be plenty of staff to assist them as they begin their journey Just please remember to park at the Middle School. Also remember that lining up early this year for pick up will not be advisable due to the high traffic that will be in the area, and please make sure your child’s teacher is aware of how your child will be getting home in the afternoon. Again, please see the Neshoba County School District Facebook page for more information and have a great year Rockets!!