Neshoba County prepares for potential weather threat


Neshoba County Emergency Management Assistance Director Darell Wilson said while there are no designated tornado shelters in the county, there are ways people can still prepare.

“I would suggest monitoring the weather through their local TV station, radio station, weather radio, and social media, keep an eye on it. Know the difference between a watch and a warning. If it’s going to get bad, have a safe place they can get to during this weather,” said Wilson.

After two tornadoes and several storms devastated the area in 2019, residents are advised to take all weather threats seriously.

“The fire departments will be on standby as always for any trees that might be down across the road. The county will also have their crews on call that we can call in case it’s something bigger that the county fire departments can’t handle,” said Wilson.

Wilson said anyone who receives damage to their property should contact Emergency Management immediately.

“If their house sustains damage, they need to call up here to the emergency management office. They can call 601-656-3121. They need to report it so we can get a team out and do damage assessment,” said Wilson.