Warning: Neshoba Sheriff Clark Says “Lock Up Your Valuables”


Neshoba County Sheriff Clark says, “Warning: lock up your valuables.”

“I am advising residents to lock up their valuables to minimize the chance that they become a victim of crimes of opportunity like burglaries and theft.  Recently Neshoba and neighboring counties have been targets for a growing zero turn lawnmower theft ring.  A Neshoba County resident on July 23rd noticed their 1500 cc Bad Boy, diesel lawn mower with a 72 inch cut was stolen on Highway 21 North.

Surrounding counties are reporting 6 zero turn mower thefts and 1 Can Am, side by side utility vehicle. These thieves are preying on unsuspecting people, stealing mowers, trailers, and utility vehicles.  We are getting reports of farm tractors being stolen in neighboring areas.

My warning to all citizens of Neshoba County is to secure anything of value.  Chain, lock, monitor, place cameras and protect anything that you own.  Make your property a “HARD TARGET” or at least do everything you can to make their job as difficult as possible.”