Philadelphia: New Fallen Veterans Monument Set to Unveil on Veteran’s Day


The new Fallen Veterans Monument is set to unveil on Veterans day at Dewitt-Deweese Park In Philadelphia.  According to monument replacement committee chairman Ray Crocker, “the monument will replace the original one damaged by a tornado in November 2019. It will honor 102 veterans from the community including one recently identified after being declared missing in action since the Korean war.” Mr. Crocker said “a monument replacement committee has been comprised of wonderful people that recognize the importance of memorializing fallen veterans. And while you can’t take away the pain of the loss of a person, by honoring the legacy and recognizing the value of duty, you can lesson the sting of the pain, even if just a little.”

Representative Scott Bounds  and Senator Jenifer Branning have secured $50,000 through state funds. Other fundraising efforts have provided over $51,000. Approximately $30,000 of the $145,000 budget is still need to complete the project before the October 15th deadline. For more information about how you can get involved or donate call Ray Crocker at 601-663-6674 or email at [email protected]

Below are a list of committee members

Mayor James Young

Supervisor Obbie Riley

Treasurer Cecil Hooker

Secretary Kyle James

Member Tim Gibbs

Member Tim Moore

Member Stanley Backstrom

Chairman Ray Crocker

photo) rendering of new Memorial