New Burn Ordinance for the City of Carthage


The City of Carthage adopted a new burn ordinance beginning March 1st. You must now have a burn permit to burn inside the city limits of Carthage. There is no charge for this permit, and you can get one by going to the Carthage Fire Department.

You may only burn leaves, sticks, and small limbs. You cannot burn any household garbage or boxes. As always, you cannot burn rubber. Burning rubber such as tires is against Mississippi state laws. You may not burn on Sundays or on holidays inside the city of Carthage. There is to be no commercial burning in the city. Everything that commercial businesses need to get rid of must have a dumpster to go into.

If you are caught burning inside the city limits without a permit, burning on a Sunday, burning on a Holiday, etc. you will be warned once. After that you will be fined.

Carthage Fire Chief Lonzo Jones says he has gotten some questions about having fire pits and grills. Chief Jones says you can have contained fire pits and grills, but no open campfires.

If you have any questions about getting a fire permit or questions regarding the burn ordinance, you can call Carthage Fire Chief Lonzo Jones at 6012678473 or City Clerk Penny Spears at 6012678322.