New Executive Order Extends Mask Rules, Leake County Added to The List


Governor Reeves has signed a new executive order expanding the mask mandate. Now, 78 of 82 counties will be required to wear a mask. Leake County is now included on the list.

Reeves said, “I signed an executive order extending our mask rules to all counties that qualify—which is now every county except four very small ones. We all need to be extra aware. You know what to do! Protect yourself and your family. Stay safe, and Merry Christmas!”

**** New Counties added to the list – Benton, George, Greene, Hancock, Humphreys, Jasper, Leake, Newton, Pike, Quitman, Smith, Sunflower, Tallahatchie, Walthall, Warren, Wayne and Wilkinson Counties

Covid-19 numbers continue to rise with 79 people dying yesterday alone, a record number.

By Robbie Watson