New Initiatives Would Mean More Money for Local Hospitals


A new plan to reimburse Mississippi hospitals for treating Medicaid patients would pump hundreds of thousands of extra dollars into local medical facilities– and would mean millions more for some hospitals.  Figures that Governor Reeves’ office has released show that Baptist Medical Center-Attala would see a difference in net proceeds of more than $944,000.  For Baptist Medical Center-Leake, it’s about $457,000.  For the Holmes County Hospital and Clinics, there would be a difference of $661,000.  For Neshoba County General Hospital, it would be more than $3.1 million.

The two payment initiatives that the governor announced Thursday are estimated to generate a total of almost $700 million annually in additional Medicaid funds for Mississippi hospitals, which would pay more in taxes.

Reeves’ Democratic challenger Brandon Presley is calling the governor’s plan a “political stunt”.