New waste disposal site available for Neshoba Co. residents


Neshoba County’s former waste disposal site was over 20 years old and eroded by flooding. With help from a Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality Grant, totaling more than $17-thousand, the county was able to build a new site for waste disposal.

“We’ve actually had to totally disassemble the waste convenience center. It has been reformatted at a new location on the backside of the unit facilities building. It’s going to be a much safer, much cleaner environment where everything is all there in one location. Before it was kind of disparate but here it will all be together,” said County Administrator Jeff Mayo.

Mayo said use of the site is available to any Neshoba County resident who pays the county garbage pickup fee.

“It’s going to benefit in a number of ways. First having a clean and secure location for waste to be disposed of, and of course, hopefully that is going to translate into being able to keep it off our roads and streets, bridges and even our waterways,” said Mayo.

Mayo said folks are already taking advantage of the site, since its opening just last week. He said officials hope that providing this site helps keep Neshoba County clean and beautiful.

“Certainly that’s the intention of it, to keep trash off our roadways as much as possible, because obviously it presents an issue with maintenance of roads as well as a visual appeal to the community,” said Mayo.

He said the county is still working to add several features, but the site is already open for household and metal waste.

The site is located at backside of the County Unit Facility building. That address is 11901 Highway 15 North.