No Thru Trucks: Why Kosciusko May Fine Some Truck Drivers


KOSCIUSKO, Miss.–The damage from 18 wheelers and big trucks coming through downtown Kosciusko has gotten to be too much for the mayor and board of alderman and they are now close to passing an ordinance that will impose a fine for drivers who are driving through and not making deliveries, says Mayor Tim Kyle.

“I think one day last week a full-sized 18-wheeler comes right by city hall and tries to make the turn by First Baptist Church,” said Kyle, on Breezy101’s “Minute With the Mayor”.

Whether they’re following their GPS, or whatever the reason, they’ve done damage to yards, taken out signs and worn out the streets and the board says no more.

“The fine for this is gonna be $1,000,” said Kyle, adding that while trucks will be allowed to make deliveries, any truck driving through will be subject to the fine.

The mayor also says food trucks, the kind you see at the farmer’s market or festivals, will now be regulated.

“Even if they’re selling in your community, the sales tax is going to wherever that sales tax number is based. So, we are losing out sales tax,” he said.

Kyle said they’ll have to fork over more cash if they’re coming from another town.

“A non-resident food truck now will pay a fee of $250 per year. A local food truck will pay $30.”

They will also be required to carry insurance.