NWS: Long-Track Tornado Confirmed in East-Central MS


The storm surveys following this week’s tornado outbreak in Mississippi have just begun.  And already, the National Weather Service has confirmed the state’s second-longest tornado this year.  The EF-2 storm was on the ground for 25 miles through portions of Jasper, Newton and Lauderdale counties.  The tornado knocked down a lot of trees and did structural damage in the Hickory area.  Top winds were estimated at 115 miles an hour.

The only tornado in Mississippi this year that was longer than that was back in April. It tracked more than 43 miles, also beginning in Jasper County and ending in Lauderdale County.

NWS is looking at damage in 18 different locations but says some of that may have been caused by the same tornado– or there may have been multiple tornadoes in the same area.


NWS Damage Reports from 12/13-12/14/22: