Philadelphia interim police chief officially steps into new role


Law enforcement veteran Julian Greer has started his stint as the interim police chief of Philadelphia. He said his 27 years of experience has prepared him for this position.

“Started off on patrol, basically worked my way up through the department and served in just about every capacity here at the department and on up to assistant chief. I’ve been assistant chief for about 10 years now,” said Chief Greer.

 Chief Greer said he is grateful to the mayor and Board of Aldermen who selected him for the position after former Chief Grant Myers resigned in May. Greer said he has some ideas for the department moving forward.

 “My plans are to get back to a more proactive patrol, get more community oriented, get the department in the community, speaking with people,” said Greer.

 Chief Greer said he’s excited to serve the community, who poured in support when it was announced he would take over.

 “It feels good. I get calls daily. I’ve seen comments. It feels good to know that the community and the city has such confidence in me. It makes me want to do a good job and not to let them down and not to let the department down,” said Chief Greer.

 When asked if Greer would consider becoming chief permanently, he had this to say. 

 “Yes very much so. I’ve expressed those sentiments to the mayor and the board that I am definitely interested and definitely want to be the next police chief,” said Chief Greer.