Philadelphia Police Chief reflects on career in final days on the job -VIDEO

Philadelphia Police Chief Grant Myers announced his resignation on social media. Myers, who has been the chief for the past five years said it’s been a challenging, but fulfilling ride!

“I’ve enjoyed it. I’ve enjoyed working with the guys. I’ve built some great relationships. It was tough at times and it was fun at other times, but I’ve enjoyed it,” said Myers.

Myers said the job has taught him a lot about leadership, especially when he was faced with one of the toughest moments of his career- and in his life.

“Hands down over my five years, the hardest thing we had to deal with, we lost an officer back in November, Officer Simpson. You know that’s something no chief or sheriff wants to have to deal with. It was tough, but the department stuck together and made it through it,” said Myers.

Despite the challenges, Myers said overall the experience has been rewarding. Myers said he’ll always remember the good times and hopes he made a difference.

“Trying to make the community better. Do our best to solve. Obviously we didn’t solve every crime that was committed over the years, but we solved our fair share of them. You sleep well at night knowing you did the best you could,” said Myers.

Myers said he is grateful to the people of Philadelphia who have supported him over the years.

Myers last day is May 31st.