Mayor James Young Wins Primary – Some Candidates Move to April 27th Runoff


Voting for the Philadelphia primary is completed but votes must still be certified to become official. As of this morning we can predict that current Mayor James Young moves forward to the general election as the Democratic candidate with 53% of the party vote. Leo Renaldo moves forward to the general election as the Republican candidate with 79% of the party vote. James Tatum received 55% of the vote and moves forward to the general election for Ward 3. There will be a runoff on April 27th between Ajatha Nichols (D) 32% and Ruthie Nash (D) 25%  for Ward 4 representation.

Mayor) Randy Gill 73 (D), Cassie Henson Hickman 322 (D), James Young 451 (D)

Mayor) Robin Allen (R) 69,  Leo Renaldo (R) 265

Ward 3) Darryl Young (D) 76, James Tatum (D) 94

Ward 4) Rudolph Tatum (D) 94, Ajatha Nichols (D) 129, Ruthie Nash (D) 100,  Shanayah Rochelle Carter (D) 74  Runoff between Ajatha Nichols and Ruthie Nash will be on April 27th.