Philadelphia Public School District Superintendent Dr. Lisa Hull on B-MO in the MO’rning!


B-MO in the MO’rning – Joining B-MO, Chris Davis and Breck this morning on a HERsDAY will be Dr. Lisa Hull, the Superintendent of the Philadelphia Public School District! She’ll join B-MO, “Brother” Breck and Chris Davis during the 7am hour to discuss the modifications the school board has made for the upcoming year in regards to the “Delta Variant” and what parents and teachers will need to know! They’ll discuss modifications in store for students and parents for the upcoming school year, what it means for high school athletics and more. Dr. Hull makes a house call this morning during the 7am hour!

If you missed any of the interview you can find the conversation below:






B-MO, Chris Davis and Breck discuss the plan in place for not only the upcoming school year, but the possible effects on upcoming athletics and student events in the near future…


B-MO and Chris Davis discuss the possibilities of vaccination stations being set up if needed and the possibility of virtual classes….


We thank Dr. Lisa Hull for her time this morning and thank her, the staff and teachers in the school district for their efforts in making the school year possible!