Philadelphia teen punches police officer- VIDEO


The Philadelphia Police Department said a surprising turn of events led to an officer suffering minor injuries.

“The call initially came out as a fight between several females at hill crest apartments. When our officer arrived on scene he determined who they were,” said Captain Dan Refre.

Captain Refre says the situation took a turn for the worse when the officer attempted to arrest an individual on the scene and 19-year old Ranaizea Johnson began to interfere with the arrest.

“I believe the driver of the vehicle out an outstanding warrant for her arrest in Philadelphia. The officer affected the arrest and while he was arresting the driver of the vehicle, a passenger got out of the vehicle and tried to interfere with the arrest,” said Captain Refre.

Once the officer was able to arrest the first individual, he attempted to place handcuffs on Johnson.

“The officer then attempted to arrest the female who was interfering with the arrest initially. At that point the officer stepped back and she spun around and threw several punches at the officer and hit him in the face area and body area several times,’ said Captain Refre.