Philadelphia’s Buddy Monk Has A “Rocky” Like Performance at SPRA (Audio)


B-MO in the MO’rning – (photo credit Buddy Monk Facebook) As I watched both nights of SPRA action, my immediate attention was centered around the saddle bronc competition. To me personally, there isn’t a more exciting event on the circuit than the broncs, both bare and saddleback! (With all due respect to all the others) My fascination and appreciation for it came from one of the real cowboys of country music, Biloxi Mississippi’s own Chris LeDoux who is, was, and will always be both a hero and my favorite country singer. The Hall of Famer won the 1976 Bareback World Championships at the NFR in Oklahoma City.

In the world of motion pictures, there was a champion who wouldn’t stay down and battled the odds in a city called Philadelphia, his name was Rocky Balboa. This weekend there was a cowboy from Philadelphia Mississippi with a diehard attitude who refused to stay down, and his name was Buddy Monk.

Monk was on fire both evenings, but it was his first ride on the second evening where his resiliency and that refusal to stay down was most apparent. Buddy’s first ride of the evening saw family and friends gasp as he came up hobbled after a no score, the judges would offer him a re-ride, something nobody expected him to be physically able to pull off.

Buddy discusses what happened on the first run on Saturday night


I mentioned that the horse seemed to come out backwards and Buddy discusses the injury itself


I had spoken with SPRA Chairman Bill Hudson as well as announcer Mack Ginn and as the rodeo seemed to come to an end and both updated Bud’s condition and mentioned that they thought as everyone did, that Buddy was not going to be physically able to take his re-ride. Buddy however, had other ideas and scored a 76 and discussed the ride immediately after


While Rocky had Adrianne in corner, Buddy has an entire village in his and without them he couldn’t do what he does


There’s no time off for Philadelphia’s son between his career and his other passion which is working with performance horse and training horses. Follow the performance center here on Facebook