Robbery, Child Neglect, Felony Motor Vehicle Theft Arrests in Neshoba


JOSEPH ROWELL, 45, of Philadelphia, Expired License Tag, Suspended Driver’s License, Seat Belt Violation, Suspended Driver’s License, NCSO.  Bond $400, $800, $60, $500.


ASHLEY B SCOTT, 34, of Meridian, Felony Possession of a Controlled Substance, Possession of Paraphernalia, NCSO.  Bond $15,000, $600.


JAMES NOLAN SMITH, 59, of Union, Indictment, NCSO.  Bond $0.


JIMMY SMITH, 44, of Philadelphia, Robbery, Contempt of Court, NCSO.  Bond $0, $0.


GAVIN SUDDUTH, 37, of Philadelphia, DUI – 1st, UPD.  Bond $1,500.


DAZZAMINE SYLVESTER, 24, of Union, Contempt of Court, Hold for Other Agency, NCSO.  Bond $0, $0.


MATTHEW A TUBBY, 40, of Philadelphia, Bad Check.  Bond $600.


JOHN R VEASLEY, 32, of Kosciusko, Felony Indictment, Hold for Investigations, NCSO.  Bond $30,000, $0.


HENNERY T WHITE, 52, of Philadelphia, Indictment, NCSO.  Bond $0.


MEGHANN WHITE, 33, of Philadelphia, Child Neglect, NCSO.  Bond $387.


TERRI LYNN WHITE, 57, of Philadelphia, Felony Motor Vehicle Theft, NCSO.  Bond $7,500.