Saturday-House Fire on 4126 Highway 500


11:39 am- Police were called to a burglary on 5551 Highway 500. Reports of a Kubota 5×5 stolen.

12:26 pm- Leake County Police Department got a call about a 1996 Jeep Cherokee black in color occupied by a 39 year old female. Suspect may be present of a weapon.

3:17 pm- Barnes and Mary Dale Volunteer Fire Department got a call about a brush fire that was out of control at 23 Corinth Road.

5:00 pm- On 716 Thaggard Road, caller advised there was a domestic dispute going on at his house and requested police arrive.

7:00 pm- Police were notified about a domestic dispute on 231 E lee Road.

11:18 pm- Lena Volunteer Fire Department and Carthage Volunteer Fire Department was called to 4126 Highway 500 for a house fire. Two people were still inside the house. House was fully engulfed in flames. No reports of anything as of now.