Significant Winter Storm Update from Leake EMA Director Tommy Malone


We reached out to Leake EMA director Tommy Malone who shared the following with us. “Right now we are looking at experiencing a serious winter storm event. Temperatures are looking to trend a little lower than first expected. We could see wind chill temperatures from 0 and single digits to lower teens. Real temperatures could range from single digits to lower teens. Highs are not expected to get much above freezing. If they do make it for next few days, any precipitation that occurs will begin to freeze. Impacts could be impassable roads, down tree limbs, and down utility lines resulting in power outages. If this occurs everyone needs to avoid trying to travel unless absolutely necessary and even then drive with extreme care and precaution. Remember too that if roads become glazed over this will also impact emergency responders and their ability to respond. Again, we could be looking at a potentially serious and even dangerous weather event. Everyone needs to prepare for extreme cold temperatures, potential for icing conditions and potential power outages.” We continue to update.