STOLEN VEHICLE – Counties work together to recover it


On Tuesday September 28th a little before 8 pm, Leake County Deputies received a call about a vehicle that was stolen from a residence on Highway 25 North.

The vehicle was a 1983 Chevrolet Silverado, brown and tan in color. The owner of the truck told the responding deputy that he believed he knew who had taken the truck and gave the officer details. The owner also showed the deputy the title to the vehicle to prove ownership.

The responding officer knew that the person of interest may be in Attala County, so he let an Attala County Deputy know about the situation. It wasn’t long before a vehicle matching the description of the stolen truck was spotted in Attala. An Attala County Deputy made a traffic stop on the vehicle and discovered that the information matched that of the stolen truck.

Jerry Dale Blackstock was identified as the driver of the stolen vehicle. He stated that he had traded a tractor for the truck, and he had the title to the truck. He also stated that a woman gave him the keys to the truck so he could go and get it. The woman he named was the person the owner suspected of taking the vehicle.

Mr. Blackstock was placed under arrest for receiving stolen property and for possession of meth. Officers stated that he was clearly under the influence.