Sunday Storms Cause Damage Locally– Now Comes the Freeze


Some damage in this part of central Mississippi after severe storms swept across the area early Sunday morning.   In Leake County, several homes were damaged.

“We had some trees down on some roads,” said Emergency Management Director Tommy Malone.  “And then we had some trees that fell on three houses and one car shed.” Malone said the wind blew the tin roof off another house.    He said the damage was scattered across the county.   “Highway 43 had some trees (down), (Highway) 429, some on 35 North, then we had some up around the Remus community (north of Edinburg).  That’s where we had the trees on the houses and some damage to the structures.”  Other communities affected included Marydell, Thomastown, Singleton and Tuscola.

In Neshoba County, some of the damage was around the Arlington community northwest of Philadelphia.  Trees fell on a couple of houses, a carport roof was blown onto a car and a trailer was damaged—and a tree damaged a house near the Spring Creek community northeast of Philadelphia.  And in Attala County, trees were blown down east of Kosciusko along Highway 14, southeast of Kosciusko along Williamsville Road and northeast of Kosciusko on Highway 43– also southwest of Hesterville on Highway 19 and on a county road southeast of Possumneck.

In the wake of the storms, much colder weather is settling in across Mississippi.  A freeze warning will be in effect tonight with temperatures dropping as low as 30 degrees.