Teamwork Makes the Dream Work – Carthage Police & Sheriff’s Dept Team Up


An SUV was stolen from a residence in Carthage Wednesday morning after the owner cranked it to warm the vehicle for the frigid morning. While the owner was inside, someone came to the residence and stole the vehicle from the driveway.

Carthage Police Chief Coby Clay says that with the assistance of Leake County Sheriff’s Department, the vehicle was recovered very quickly. GPS within the vehicle was also used to locate it. The SUV was found in the Lena area. The investigation is still ongoing, and CPD says they are working diligently to find the thief.

Chief Clay expressed his gratitude by stating:
“The assistance of Leake County Sheriff’s Department & their personnel helped us to locate the vehicle very quickly and we were very appreciative of that. Kudos to Sheriff Atkinson and his guys for assisting us with that.”