The Mustard “Seedsters” Design Eggs For First Lady Elee Reeves


The Mustard “Seedsters” recently decorated eggs representing various regions of the state of Mississippi and its culture. The eggs were presented to First Lady Elee Reeves by The Mississippi Egg Marketing Board. The board worked with The Mustard Seed, a Christian community for adults with developmental disabilities, to craft the eggs.

The egg descriptions and artists were “Gator in the MS Delta” by Amanda Browning; “Spicebush Swallowtail” by Michele Trebotich; “Miss Mississippi Pageant” by Emily Olander; “Neshoba County Fair Cabins” by Russell Cobb; Walter Anderson inspired “M and Magnolia” by Gabrielle Chambers; “Columbus Air Force Base” by Sarah Simonson, and “Stennis Space Center” by Steven Bryant.

“The Mustard Seed has always held a special place in my heart,” First Lady Elee Reeves said. “I am honored to be a part of this special presentation to recognize and honor the talent of these ‘Seedsters’ sharing the beauty and culture of our great state.”

The seven artists are typically invited to the Governor’s mansion to personally present the Easter eggs to the First Lady; however, this year Mrs. Reeves received a virtual presentation, which is also available on social media.“We are looking forward to returning to the mansion next year and the opportunity for the “Seedsters” to make an in-person presentation to First Lady Reeves,” President Ryn Laster said. “It always means so much to the artists and is such an honor to gift these ‘eggs’ceptional pieces of art.”