The Philadelphia Election Is Heating Up and Moves to Primary on April 6th


The Philadelphia City election qualifying deadline is today. According to Philadelphia City Hall, the qualifying process ends at 5pm. Primary election day is April 6th and runoff is April 27th. General Election Day is June 8th. Below is a list of qualifying candidates to date.

Mayor) Mayor James Young (D), Randy Gill (D) Cassie Henson Hickman (D) Robin Allen (R) Leo Renaldo (R)

Ward 1) Justin Lewis Clearman (R)

Ward 2) Jim Fulton (R) Manfold Washington (D)

Ward 3) Darryl Young (D), James Tatum (D), Wright Griffis (R)

Ward 4) Rudolph Tatum (D), Ajatha Nichols (D), Ruthie Nash (D) Shaun Seals (I) Shanayah Rochelle Carter D)

Alderman at Large – Leroy Clemons (D), James Carson Waltman (R),