Real Winners- Behind The Scenes Election Night at Leake County Courthouse 2020


While there were many winners last night, some of the biggest started and ended with the frontline workers, the ones who got up before dawn establishing and implementing unchartered protocols and procedures and were still working long after the election deadline ended.

As secretary of state Michael Watson said in a comment about workers in our state. “I’m a firm believer in giving credit where credit is due, and today, the heroes include our Elections Division, Circuit Clerks, Election Commissioners and Poll Managers who went above and beyond to deliver an exceptional performance during unprecedented times.” 

Long after the polls closed in Leake county late last night you could find them, all rallied together behind the scenes in the courtroom on the second floor of the courthouse working in a rote manner, organizing, tabulating, and calling absentee ballots. And they are not done yet. Some of those mail in and affivadit ballots are still to come.