The Santa Update and Tips for Survival


We reached out to Santa’s team to get an official update. They have released the following statement.

“I am on target to reach the central Mississippi area on time this evening. Please remember before going to bed clear your fireplace by extinguishing any burning embers, not only for me but for you as well. Check your tree to ensure their is no faulty wiring in the lights and also keep your tree well watered daily to avoided dryness, which might possibly cause a fire and burn the presents.  We have had quite a year so don’t concern yourself about the carb count or amount of icing on the cookies, just don’t tell Ms Claus. And one more thing my children, no matter what your age old or young, adult or not remember my boy Rudolph. Don’t bully someone over differences, seek common ground, work together. Each of you is special a gift from God and you never know when your uniqueness while in a dark world will help light the way.” Merry Christmas

We reached out to Santa’s spokesperson for an exclusive but Santa had already hit the road.. well not hit the road but you know what I mean. Before departing he did have a few reminders to share with us:

1)Keep the fireplace shoot open and extinguish any burning embers before going to bed.

2) Check the Christmas tree lights for faulty wiring, also water that the tree often… Any of these matters could be a fire hazard.

3) He went on to say that it had been a really long year for all of us so not to worry about the carbs in his cookies or the double extra icing…just don’t tell Mrs. Claus.