Chief Ben and MBCI Celebrate Passing of Tribal Regalia Bill


The Tribal Regalia Bill has passed. According to Chief Cyrus Ben and MBCI the bill “acknowledges the Mississippi Band Of Choctaw Indians as the only federally recognized tribe in the state.” The bill states a government entity may not prohibit an individual (a member, or descendent of a federally recognized tribe) from wearing traditional regalia or objects of cultural significance at a public event.

Chief Ben said “I have worked on the project for two years and had the opportunity to speak with local officials and work hand-in-hand with our state representatives to ensure the bills passage. I thank Rep. Scott Bounds for his leadership in the House and Sen Jenifer Branning for sponsorship of the bill. This is a giant step on protecting our right as Choctaw people to show our love, and pride of or culture, no matter where we might be.”

The Bill was recently signed in to law by Tate Reeves.