Tucker Elementary Online Training Sessions Start Tomorrow

Tucker Elementary online training starts tomorrow. According to school officials training will be offered to help parents prepare for online learning including how to log in to Google Classroom. Parents will also learn how online assignments will be completed and submitted to the teacher. “We will offer this training on-site or you may participate from your computer at home.”
“Please call Tucker Elementary at 601-656-8775 today to register for one of our 11 Google Classroom trainings. Our on-site sessions will be limited to 10 participants and the online classes will be limited to 20.” See schedule below.
Tucker Elementary classes start August 31st.
Tuesday: August 18th
•In Person 10:00-10:45
•In Person 1:00-1:45
•Online Session 2:00-2:45
Wednesday: August 19th
•In Person 9:00- 9:45
•In Person 2:00-2:45
Monday: August 24th
•In Person 10:00-10:45
•In Person 4:30-5:15
Tuesday: August 25th
•In Person 9:30-10:15
•In Person 1:00-1:45
•Online Session 2:15-3:00
•In Person 3:45-4:15