Update Tuesday: Two Fatalities and Multiple Injuries Confirmed


Two fatalities and multiple injuries are confirmed tonight. Sergeant Robert Atkinson of Meridian Highway Patrol has  officially confirmed “There was a three vehicle accident on Hwy 35 at Twin City involving three vehicles this morning. One vehicle collided head on with an 18 wheeler.Two people were dead on the scene and two other people were transported to Memorial Leake. Names are not being officially released at this time.” Further updates will be forth coming as the investigation continues.

7:30am Sunday– A 3 vehicle accident happened at Hwy 35 at Twin City. MHP and Coroner were on the scene within minutes. 2 people were dead on the scene and two other people were transported to Memorial Leake. They were evaluated for minor injuries and released.

Hwy 35 was immediately closed with a detour created at Estes Mill Rd (Old Hwy 35).

Investigators were on the scene to evaluate cause of accident.

Cleanup teams were present to clear up the accident scene.

MDEQ Hazmat team was called in for evaluation of excessive diesel, oil and milk spillage from the accident. They worked throughout the day and evening as part of cleanup.

Roads were reopened late in the night.


The MDEQ returned to complete cleanup and safety evaluation. Work was completed with full clearance.

Roads are reopened to the public. The area is once again in good working order.

Late Monday– After official confirmation with MHP and Leake Coroner’s office, we can release the names of the deceased. They are Ms. Ladonna Gail Hemphill, 47, of Conehatta, and Steven Wayne Thomas, 45, of Lena. Our prayers and thoughts continue to go out to the families of all involved in this accident.