Vaccine Hesitancy Not Just a Rural Thing


CARTHAGE, Miss.–The coronavirus vaccine is available for teenagers in Mississippi, but some parents are not prone to let them have the shot.

The president of the American Federation of Teachers, said she believes, after visiting school districts across America in both rural and urban areas, that it has less to do with where you live and more to do with political ideology.

“It’s more driven by ideology and who you support as president, as opposed to what’s in the best interest of children,” said Randi Weingarten.

She said she’s observed a disinformation campaign that has kept people from all walks of life from getting the vaccine.

“I’ve seen these terrible, factually inaccurate, scaring videos that are focused on young Black males, not to take a vaccine because it creates infertility,” she said.

Weigarten said the infertility and pregnancy scares are myths that need to be busted and that the vaccine is safe.

Mississippi’s vaccination rate remains the lowest in the country.