Walnut Grove Police Chief Kevin Polk Talks Halting the Violence


Violence has been on the increase in Central Mississippi. Walnut Grove Police Chief Kevin Polk is talking about violence in our communities and what we can do to help. “The nonsense violence – if it would please come to a halt over senseless stuff before a family member suffers. Good side or bad side somebody is going to suffer. The suffering, oh we have enough to suffer for already in the state of Mississippi or the United States of America, other than a family member or a person that is not even involved being hit by a bullet. The bullet does not have a name on it. It does not have an age on it. If it does not hit the person it was intended for its going to go elsewhere and other innocent people could be hit by that bullet. So I ask the public to be aware of their surroundings and if you see anything out of character call your local police department. If you don’t know your local police department then go sit down, meet with them, and talk with them. Lets stop this violence together.”

Chief Kevin Polk – Walnut Grove Police Department – 601-253-0045