Why Some Cops Will Take Their Patrol Cars Home


KOSCIUSKO, Miss.–Some police officers in Kosciusko will be allowed to take their patrol cars home. The decision was made Tuesday by the Mayor and Board of Alderman.

“You really don’t have anybody whose over this vehicle who takes care of the maintenance,’ said Mayor Tim Kyle. “You assign these vehicles, people take more pride in them, more care.”

Right now the police cars are shared between officers and between shifts, meaning some of the cars can be driven for 72 hours straight. That ultimately costs the taxpayer in more maintenance and eventually new cars.

Kyle said another advantage is safer neighborhoods.

“When a guy goes home in it, you have more police presence in your neighborhoods, as far as him coming back and forth to work. The car is seen a lot more,” he said.

Kyle also called it a great recruiting tool for new officers, though the cars are not allowed for personal use.