Wildfire Safety Update For Our Region


 Central Mississippi was under an elevated alert for wildfires yesterday. We talked to Leake Emergency Management Director Tommy Malone who said “We jumped from the ice to the fire!! As a matter of fact we were out on fire calls most of the day. The temps are looking like we might get near 80 degrees this week and coupled with low humidity and the probability of windy conditions, this is only going to compound the risk for wildfires. Even though the ground is still wet in many locations, the grass and foliage is dry and acts as fuel for wildfire and will spread out of control quickly, We are asking that people refrain from burning until some rainfall or things begin to green up. Remember that when you light a fire it’s your responsibility and any liabilities, damages, or costs can be directed to you. We just ask that people be patient and help us to help them.” March is Wildfire Prevention month. March tends to have one of the highest wildfire occurrence rates of the year due to the transition from winter to spring, dry vegetation and windy conditions.