You May Be Eligible to Vote Today


LOUISVILLE, Miss.–You may be eligible to vote in today’s runoff election for state Senate District 32. Both candidates have been talking to people in the district, a last-minute effort to convince voters they are the right candidate for the job.

“Most of the citizens, they want to hear about a greater investment in our education, adequately funding education,” said Rod Hickman, an attorney from Noxubee County, speaking to our newsgathering partners at WTOK News Center 11.

His rival is Dr. Minh Duong, an eye doctor from Meridian.

“I stand by my core family values. I stand by my work ethic,” said Duong.

If you are trying to determine whether you can vote in today’s runoff, you can look at your voter registration card. If you see District 32 on the card, you can vote. The district is made up of parts of Winston County and areas east of Neshoba County.

“They want to hear about health care,” said Hickman. “I’m all for pushing to expand Medicaid, which is gonna help this district and the state as a whole.”

Duong, who has also stressed health care as a concern, said at a last-minute event Monday, that he hopes people will see his willing attitude.

“I stand by my Christian values that I will do the right thing for every single person in the district. I will do thye research and I will work across party lines.”