Your Roads and Bridges: Guest Meets With Miss. Transportation Commissioners


JACKSON, Miss.–Mississippi is due for some federal money from the $1 trillion infrastructure bill that passed the Senate last week. It still has to clear the U.S. House. But, Rep. Michael Guest (R), met with Mississippi’s transportation commissioners Monday to find out what they believe the needs are.

“It’s important to make sure I understand the infrastructure needs in the state of Mississippi,” he told WLBT-TV after the meeting.

Guest serves on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. So, he does have some pull with how federal money is spent.

“I wanted to make sure that I was meeting with them so we can make sure that we are partnering federal dollars along with state and local dollars to meet the needs of the state of Mississippi,” he said.

Mississippi has over 6,000 miles of roads and highways in need of repair and over 1,000 bridges that are in bad shape.

Guest is looking for an alternative to the $3.5 trillion “soft infrastructure” deal, part of which passed the Senate last week. He says that’s way too much money to spend on programs that Republicans have called a left-wing wish list.

Guest represents Neshoba County and east Mississippi in Washington. He’s scheduled to be a guest on Kicks96News, Friday.