Arrests made in connection to recent car thefts- VIDEO


In recent weeks, the Neshoba County Sheriff’s Department has investigated three vehicle thefts, recovered one, and arrested several people believed to be involved with at least two of the thefts.

“In the Arlington community we had a 2018 Ford F-150, silver in color that was stolen. Also in the Dixon community it was 2000 Chevy 1500, white in color. Just out of town, on 15 south we had a Chevy Camaro that came up missing from a dealership. It’s a little-used car lot,” said Investigator Josh Burt.

 Burt said while no formal charges have been made, deputies believe the individuals arrested are responsible for at least two of the thefts.

 “We’re thinking that two people are going to be connected, the same people involved. We’ve actually made an arrest on the Chevy Camaro. It has been recovered. I think it’s going to relate to the one on County Road 121. They’re going to be charged with taking of a motor vehicle and/or possession of stolen property. We’re still digging into it just a little bit more,” said Burt.

 Law enforcement encourages everyone to remain aware of their surroundings and to always lock the car door when exiting a vehicle.

 “They need to take the keys out and lock the vehicles up. Any purses or any value needs to be out of sight. A lot of times people will go through and they’ll see that and if they see keys or purses, you can have break-ins and also thefts,” said Burt.

 He said anyone convicted of these types of felony crimes could spend several years behind bars.

 Two of the three stolen cars remain missing. If you have any information on these crimes contact the Neshoba County Sheriff’s Department or your local crime stoppers.