Gas prices expected to drop below $2.00


The average price of gas in Mississippi is $2.28 a gallon, according to the site Gas Buddy, but that may not last long. Travelers might be paying less than $2.00 at the pump pretty soon.

 A couple of drivers said a drop like that would make them more inclined to travel this summer.

“I remember when gas prices were a dollar, right, when I was younger. For sure though, it would allow me to go and travel further than I would. Maybe go to the lake or go on vacation,” said Tyler Turk.

“Like I said it would be easier on everybody’s pockets, because last summer I think gas prices were around $4.00 and $5.00 and no one can really afford that. I think it’s a wonderful idea,” said Keena Cleveland.

One driver says she is eager for cheaper gas, because it currently takes over $60.00 dollars to fill up her SUV.

“If gas was below $2.00, we would definitely take way more trips than we do, because with a SUV it takes way more gas than most cars do,” said Elizabeth Coney.

Another driver said he has seen where prices are already near the $2.00 mark in some areas of the state.

“At a filling station, I was coming on my way back from Jackson this morning and I saw the price was $2.09 and I said that’s great that the prices are dropping. I guess that’s a Father’s Day gift we could say,” said Franklin Jenkins.

Experts say the highly anticipated price drop is due to falling oil prices.

According to a report in the wall street journal, the average retail of gas has fallen in 5 consecutive weeks.