God’s Closet ready for back to school shopping


God’s Closet began as a mission to help the children of Neshoba County. Six years later, the organization provides for hundreds of students and their families.

“We served about 600 children last year and we would love to serve every child in the county, if we could, those who are in need of our help,” said Co-Chair Mary Louise Blanks.

Blanks said God’s Closet provides school clothes and supplies to students in the area, from pre-K through 12th grade, at no cost. Blanks said it’s a joy to see the store filled with shoppers.

“One thing I love about it is the kids get to shop for themselves. They get to choose what they have. It’s fun to see the kids get to choose their own shoes. It’s not what mom or grandma says. They get to do it. So that’s what’s exciting,” said Blanks.

Blanks said any family from the Neshoba County area is welcome to shop. All that is needed is the child’s birth certificate and 2 proofs of residency.

“We believe that a child who feels good about the way they look will do better in school. If they do better in school, they do better in life. They have more confidence. They feel just as good as every other child. So that’s our goal, to make every child feel good and confident,” said Blanks.

God’s Closet opens this Saturday at 9:00 am for its first day of back to school shopping.

God’s Closest is located in the Valley View Shopping Center in Philadelphia.