Neshoba Central introducing a new social studies literacy initiative


Neshoba Central students grades 6 through 12 will hit the books, combining language, reading and history in the new social studies literacy initiative being introduced in the upcoming school year.

“We need to expand students’ knowledge on history, not just what’s in the textbook, but there are so many books out there that explain about the Revolutionary War, the economic impacts, the political decisions and different things like that. Also, we need to learn the Constitution better as a country and know the difference between the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution,” said Neshoba County School Superintendent Dr. Lundy Brantley.

Dr. Brantley said students will read one book, every nine weeks. Teachers will hold deep classroom discussions on the readings and quizzes. Brantley said administration is very excited to roll out the new initiative.

“This has actually been a goal of mine for about three years. We’ve just really now been able to execute it and make it happen so we’re really proud of it and proud of what can happen and what our students can get through this over the next several years,” said Brantley.

The superintendent said he believes the social studies literacy initiative will have a lasting impact on students.

“Literacy is so important for every thing that you do in life, being able to read well. Not only being able to read well but comprehend and apply and back up your thoughts and opinions with texts. That’s a real talent that is very important in every profession,” said Brantley.