Neshoba County Sheriff: down to a two man race


The next Sheriff of Neshoba County will either be republican Eric Clark or democrat Ken Edwards.

“I feel great about it. I want to thank the voters for turning out last night and electing me and helping me get to the next stage. I feel good about my chances come November. I’ve got to get out and talk to the people and let the people speak in November on who they want,” said Edwards.

Edwards, who pulled in 55% of the vote in the democratic primary said he connected well with voters.

“My attitude, my personality. The man that I am, serving our great nation, honorably, faithfully, and dedicated to our great nation. It’s just a privilege to be here,” said Edwards.

Clark, a lifelong republican who won 53% of the vote in the Tuesday primary said he’ll be a strong and dedicated leader in law enforcement.

“I’m excited. The entire family is excited. We spent some time together last night listening to the returns. Just overwhelmed with the numbers as they come in. Hopefully going into November take this little bit of momentum and encourage people to vote,” said Clark.

Clark said his experience helped him pull off a win in the primary

“I would say first of all would be the training I’ve received over the course of a career. I’ve worked with the department of wildlife. I’ve been through several police training academies,” said Clark.

Both men are already back on the campaign trail as they go head to head in the November in the general election.