Philadelphia mayor encourages residents to take COVID-19 threat seriously


Just weeks into a curfew and shelter at home order, Philadelphia Mayor James Young says residents in the Fair City are handling their new normal fairly well. However, as confirmed cases of coronavirus in Neshoba County continue to rise, Mayor Young says people have to start taking things more seriously.

“We are getting ready to tighten up a little bit on the after 12:00 AM part. We are running into some people who just don’t want to respect. So our police officers will be knocking on some doors on the after 12 market. If you’re on the streets you better be going to work,” says Mayor Young.

Mayor Young says failure to comply could lead to consequences.

“It’s going to be a very stern warning to go home. Then maybe a fine for failure to comply with an officer’s order, failure to comply with a city ordinance and failure to comply with a proclamation of the Governor,” says Mayor Young.

While he hopes to see improvements, Young says overall he is pleased with the way people are adapting to what is happening. He says the Philadelphia-Neshoba-Choctaw Covid-19 Task Force has greatly benefited the area.

“We talk about what’s going on in the area. Maybe how to get the message out about social distancing. The less people you are in contact with the better off we will be. We talk about issues that affect us locally,” says Mayor Young.