Philadelphia residents react to pro medical marijuana petition


“Mississippians for Compassionate Care” is the organization behind a campaign and petition, hoping to get legalized medical marijuana on the 2020 ballot. Nearly 60,000 people have signed the petition, but not everyone is in support of it.

“I think it would make things worse because marijuana impairs your mind and the way you think and the things you do,” said one Philadelphia resident.

MCC has until September 6th to get around eighty six thousand signatures for the initiative to make it on the 2020 ballot. If successful and passed by voters, the initiative would allow for physicians to prescribe medical marijuana to patients diagnosed with one or more of 22 listed diseases, including cancer, epilepsy, ALS and more. One Philadelphia resident is for the legalization of the drug for medical purposes.

“If you look at the research and facts, it does provide relief to these people who are severely ill, constantly. I think if it could be controlled, then these people deserve all the relief they can get.”

While some are focusing on the health benefits, others are worried how it would impact communities, including law enforcement.

“If it is legalized and it falls into the wrong hands, burglaries, people are going to break in and get it if they want it. I do have a no tolerance drug policy. I do not allow drugs,” said Neshoba County Investigator Kevin Baysinger.

According to the campaign website, states that have authorized the use of medical marijuana have shown a 25% reduction in opioid-related deaths.